Dr. Boenjamin Setiawan Distinguished Lecture Series 2017

The battle against cancer has been unending throughout the history of mankind. While we have more understanding of the causes of cancers, less is known about how to best treat them especially for patients with advanced cancers. Modern cancer therapy started with radical surgery made possible by general anaesthesia. This was followed by the discovery of radium and its successful application in cancer therapy. Chemotherapy followed, and while widespread in its use, the therapeutic window is narrow and often accompanied by significant side effects.

Research into genes and mutations not only allowed for better understanding of the biology of cancer but also for us, to be able to offer personalised or precision treatment based on the genetic mutations of the tumour in a particular patient.

In parallel to all these exciting discoveries, are discoveries into the immunology of cancer, and a better understanding of how cancers are able to escape immune surveillance. There are now numerous exciting breakthroughs in cancer immunotherapy and the promise of using our immune system in the war against cancer, appears to be fulfilling albeit at a very incremental pace.

Dr. Boenjamin Setiawan Distinguished Lecture Series 2017
a one day international scientific seminar

will be held on 4 November 2017 in Jakarta. It hopes to give participants deeper insights to the cutting edge research and advances in immunotherapy.

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